Wednesday, 4 November 2015

To much Nanna P

Whainga ako: understand in-depth what you are reading about.

-know what new words mean - find the meanings in a dictionary is you are unsure what words mean.
-re-read sentences to make sense of what you are reading.
-work with a buddy.

Answer to questions below - remember the answers are all in your book.

Pg 20: What is the meaning of “haywire”?
out of control.

Write 3 things that happened in the beginning of this story?
1 Wiri finished sew the gold button
2 Nanna P was dancing
3 Gave her moko a saxophone

What were these whanau doing in the story?
There was a celebration

Why was the story named after Nanna P?
Because she took part in everythingit

What was your favourite part of this story? WHY?
I like the part when they it celebration for all their whanau.

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